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CARPET CLEANING: We use the best cleaning solutions and finest, most powerful, portable hot water extraction equipment in our industry.  Our cleaning method is commonly known as steam cleaning.  This is the #1 recommended cleaning method by most carpet manufacturers.  We pre-treat and pre-condition all areas and our services includes thorough and complete cleaning.  We move most furniture and replace it back onto protective blocks or pads.

UPHOLSTERY:  We have several highly skilled technicians who are trained and certified in upholstery cleaning. The majority of upholstery can be cleaned using our hot water extraction method.

AREA RUG: We offer expert are rug cleaning which is priced by the square foot with a $64.95 minimum. In most cases we can clean them in your home. 

COMMERCIAL WORK: We provide FREE, no obligation written estimates for all commercial work. We price these services by the square foot with a $84.95 minimum.